Installation Guides for Sandstone sheets

General Fixing information -

Prepare the material: Start by preparing the material. Lay on a flat surface all of the material you have purchased which is being fixed in the same area. Then adjust the position of each sheet until you are completely satisfied with the continuity of the colour and pattern.


Sealing the stone surface: As with all other natural stone materials the top natural surface is susceptible to staining if it is not sealed. You can use any common stone impregnator and sealant which states it is suitable for slate and stone. Ensure the sealant is not ‘colour enhancing’ if you want to keep the original natural look of the material.


Adhering: For slate sheets you can use a polymer adhesive or epoxy adhesive, grey or white colour. The sandstone sheets can be fixed with a wood glue or fiberglass wall paper adhesive. For best bonding results use a serrated scraper to apply the adhesive to the surface the material will be fixed to.


Cutting: The Sandstone sheets can be cut using a sharp Stanley blade. The slate sheets require standard wood working tools, for large quantities we recommend you use a diamond tipped blade.

Guide to installing Sandstone Columns: