Slate Veneer Technical Data 

Slate Veneer Sheets consists of a layer of natural slate with 0,1 – 1,4 mm and a backing made of natural polyester with glass fibre for strength and dimensional stability.


Colour variance:

Slate is an absolute timeless natural product, which evolved over millions of years in the earth's crust. Slate is a natural product; form and colour variation is possible and invariably makes every square meter to a unique design. We are always striving for little colour variation in lots and structurally similar sheet decor. For large areas you should contact us if a specific colour and structure is required.


Main compositions:

Top layer - in %

Oxygen (O) - 44,6

Carbon (C) - 31

Silicone (Si) - 13

Aluminium (Al) - 5,6

Iron (Fe) - 3,4

Patassium (K) - 2,4


Back layer - in %

Oxygen (O) - 73

Carbon (C) - 26


Sizes in mm:

Standard sizes 1220 mm x 610 mm in all material colours. Special sizes up to 2400 mm x 1200 mm available in multiple stones.


Dimensional tolerances:

The dimensional tolerance is +/-1,5 mm in length and width and at the right angles. For industrial use tolerance requirements may be adjusted.



Weight - ca. 1.500 g/m²

Thickness - 1,5 – 2,0 mm

Density - 1,45 kg/m²

Thermal Expansion - 0,5 - 0,8 mm by temperature variations up to 90°C

Formaldehyde free


Test according to ASTM

C-121: Water absorption in unsealed surface +2,50%



UV Resistance Test: resistance against UV radiation (UV-B) to DIN EN ISO 11507

Test cycle: 4h Radiation 50°C

                         4h Bedew 40°C


Duration of Test: 1000 h rating after 250 h, 500 h, 750 h

Rating: Change in colour to DIN EN ISO 11664-4, Sp62 Fa. X-Rite, measurement geometry: d/8°, kind of light: D65/10° observation angle, measurement of brightness to DIN 67530


Abrasion test according to DIN EN ISO 10545-7:

Reached Class PEI 2 without surface treatment. (Tested Falling Leaves & Argento)


PEI I - Tiles for areas with light traffic and without abrasive dirt, e.g. bathrooms, bedrooms

PEI II - Tiles for areas with average traffic and medium to low abrasion, e.g. studying rooms, living rooms


Processing temperature: 10° to 35°C are recommended.


Application: Can be applied in almost all areas (floors, walls, ceilings, interior design, furniture, outdoor areas and facades)


Tools to work with: Can be worked with any commercially available tools (DIY tools). Sawing, drilling, milling, cutting, bending, pressing. For industrial processing, we recommend using diamond blade tools due to strong wear on wood blades.


Lamination on wood, metals, plasterboard, fibre cement:

When laminating (bonding) onto wood, fibre cement, plasterboard and metal, as well as most furniture applications, we recommend a 1 component PU (polyurethane) adhesive such as Soudal PU Construct. If it is only applied on one side of a carrier material, it is important to have a counter balance on the other side for stability. Mechanically mounted panels which have the Slate-Lite on one side, need a craft paper or foil of at least  150 g/m². Slate Veneer has a natural, rough split able surface with a tolerance of up to 2 mm.

Thickness equalizing additions protect the veneers from being damaged. Proven are 7 mm thick rubber plates with a shore grade of 50 and a temperature Resistance of at least +80˚C.


It is important that the rubber matt has an insulating effect, so that the press time can therefore be extended.

Depending on the adhesive type and press temperature of 80˚C, press time is approximately 6 minutes. Depending on the press configuration, the pressure has to be carefully set.



By a single treatment with a proper natural stone and slate sealant almost all natural stone surfaces are easier to maintain.

Not only water but also oil and grease can no longer penetrate into the surface. Sun spots are prevented. 

When being applied on high traffic areas, such as industrial floors and outdoors, a 2 component PU sealer is recommended (KLB 800E).

For lower traffic areas such as private homes or apartments, we recommend water based impregnator.


Regular maintenance:

All natural stone surfaces, even if impregnated (sealed), must be wiped moist regularly. Important note: Acid cleaners attack the surface of the stone.


Storage: The storage of unsealed material must be dry, preferably frost-free and sun protected. Protect against climatic influences.


Quality assurance:

For quality assurance, a German quality management is used. Starting in the purchase of the Slate raw material until the eventual shipment of the finished product through each square cm of the product is put through a strict quality control. All products are inspected by several quality inspectors tested until the final release to be shipped.




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