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Frequently asked questions


Is the top surface of your slate and stone veneer completely natural and does the pattern repeat?

The top surface is completely natural just like traditional stone and slate tiles. All of our veneers are batched so they come from the same block of stone and the pattern and texture both repeats and evolves as we work through the block.

What is on the back of the stone veneer to make this format possible?

On the back side is a special mix of fibre glass / cotton and polymer resins which enable our product to be strong, thin, flexible and light weight.

Is Slate veneer ok to use as flooring and wall covering?

Our Slate veneer sheets can be used for any internal wall application. For internal flooring it has a PE2 rating which means they are suitable for bathroom floors and general low to medium usage residential and commercial areas. They are not suitable for heavy usage floor areas.

Can Slate veneer be used in a shower enclosure or wet room?

It can be used in wet rooms and shower enclosure, but it is important to tank the room before fixing the Slate veneer sheets to ensure the area is water proofed and use the recommended epoxy resin based adhesive.

Is the Slate veneer fire retardant and can the material be used as a fire place or cladding around an AGA?

It is heat resistant up to 120 degrees and has reached fire protection rating Cfl-s1. It is also possible to make the veneer fire retardant to European standards Cd0s3 at an additional cost. It can be used near an AGA and as part of a fire place but not directly under an open log burning stove.


How easy is Slate veneer to install?

Our slate veneer can be installed by a capable tiler, joiner or DIY enthusiast, if you do your own tiling and wall papering you be able to work with our materials.

Does the material require sealing?

The top surface does require sealing just like traditional slate and stone tiles. This depends on the application and different sealers will have varied effect on the colour of the sheets, we sell a sealer that does not significantly change the appearance of the sheets and its available in our online store. We always recommend sealing our materials when they are being used in a kitchen or bathroom.

What can I use to cut Slate Veneer?

A normal tile saw or tile blade on an angle grinder or multi tool is sufficient for making cuts in the sheets for an installation.

What adhesive should I use for Slate Veneer?

This depends on the application of the sheets and the substrate but in most cases we offer Everbuild Stix All, which is available in our online store.

How do I joint the slate and stone veneer sheets?

The most common method is to butt joint the sheets tight together and it is possible to grout between the sheets in dry areas also. You will find lots of project images showing joints in the sheets on this page and our project gallery.

Do your concrete and metal veneers work in the same way as the stone veneers?

They have the same format of backing as our slate and stone veneers however they are more consistent from batch to batch. Most of the processing and installation methods are the same as our slate and stone veneers.


Do you offer your materials in different sizes?

For our main range of slate and stone veneers the standard sheet size is 122 x 61cm and the jumbo sheet size is 240 x 120cm, our multi brick range are 120 x 60cm and our split face cladding are 30.5 x 30.5cm.

How do you deliver the slate veneer sheets and how long will it take after placing my order?

We deliver the sheets by a normal courier service and we deliver up to 15 sheets nationwide at a standard rate. We send an image for approval before shipping. Once we receive your approval we usually dispatch within two working days and the couriers deliver within 2 – 3 working days of the package being dispatched.

How do you deliver your samples and how long does it take after placing my order?

We deliver our samples by Royal Mail and we dispatch within 2 working days of receiving your order.

Do you give any guarantees for the Slate Veneer?

We guarantee that the top layer of our veneers will not de-laminate from the resin backing. The overall quality of your finished projects depends on how well the material is installed so we do not give any other guarantees for supply only orders.

Order your samples from our online store.