Lightweight Flexible Slate & Stone Sheets

  • Made with real natural stone and slates, with all the character and beauty of traditional stone tiles.
  • Ultra-thin, light and flexible. It can be moulded and wrapped around columns and walls.
  • Suitable for all kinds of internal and external applications.
  • More cost-effective and easier to install than traditional stone tiles and panels. 
Welcome to Lite Stone Limited. We are specialist suppliers of lightweight and flexible, 100% natural, stone veneers. We supply and deliver nationwide, we offer full supply & installation project packages and provide the best quality European product at the most competitive prices available. 
tone and slate sheets delivered nationwide
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Our team has decades of experience in all types of natural stone projects and we specialize only in Slate and Stone veneers. We aim to deliver the best quality products and service to our clients.


Our Slate and Stone veneers are ideal for both residential and commercial applications. As they are flexible they can be used to produce unique designs for wall and column features. They offer an excellent alternative to slate and stone wall cladding and traditional slate tiles as they are light weight and much easier to install. They are completely natural and are a stunning alternative to kitchen stone tiles and bathroom stone and slate tiles.


We stock 20 different types/colours of slate and stone veneer. They are an amazing alternative to traditional slate tiles. They are much faster and easier to install in comparison to slate tiles. 

slate tiles veneer

Click Here to download Slate Veneer catalogue,  data sheets and guides. 

slate tiles veneer
slate tiles veneer