Slate & Stone Veneer

  • Light weight and ultra thin sheets made from blocks of real stone.

  • Ideal for many internal and external applications.

  • sheet sizes: 122 x 61cm & 240 x 120cm

  • Thickness: 2- 4mm

  • flexible for curved feature walls and radius corners.

bf m 8.jpg

Slate Veneer Multi Brick

  • Light weight and ultra thin sheets made from individual slate veneer pieces in a brick style pattern.

  • 70 individual pieces in each sheet, 2 different widths and random lengths.

  • Ideal for internal feature walls.

  • sheet size: 120 x 60cm, thickness:: 2 - 4mm

Rustiqe Trans im Licht.JPG

Translucent Slate Veneer

  • Transparent resin backing so the sheets can be back lit.

  • Adhere our sheets to perspex and run LED lights behind to create amazing back lit stone finishes.

  • Ideal for bar and counter cladding.

  • sheet sizes: 122 x 61cm & 240 x 120cm, thickness: 2- 4mm

Split Face Stone Cladding

  • Split face cladding made from travertine and white marble and available in various brick sizes.

  • 31 x 31cm interlocking sheets so you cannot see the joints between sheets once they are installed.

  • Ideal for internal feature walls, bathroom and kitchen walls.

COPPER 4  (1).jpg

Concrete & Metal Veneer

  • Light weight and ultra thin sheets made from concrete and metal pigment & using the same backing system as our stone veneer.

  • Ideal for internal feature walls and furniture coverings.

  • sheet size: 122 x 61cm, thickness: 2 - 4mm

fl 11j.jpg

Natural Stone iPhone Cases

  • Made from ultra thin and light weight sheets of natural stone, adhered to a matt black rubber trim they are both beautiful and practical. 

  • Available for iPhone 6, 7 8, 6+, 7+, 8+ & 11.

  • Handmade in the UK, each case is unique.  

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