Multi board Tile Backer Board - The ideal backer board to use with our slate and stone veneer. 

  • Multi board by Marmox provides the ideal flat and level surface to adhere our slate and stone veneer sheets to.

  • Available in 1250 x 600mm sheets size and 10mm thickness. Other sizes and thicknesses are available on request. 

  • Multi board can be used for both internal and external wall projects. 

  • Multi board is water proof and can be used in wet areas such as showers and wet rooms. When using the boards in these areas you will require the sealer tape to seal the joints of the boards. 

  • Multi board can be used on flooring projects and with underfloor heating. 

Flexible multi board sheets are the ideal backing for creating curved walls and features with our flexible slate and stone veneer. 


The original ‘Marmox board’ is the perfect solution for insulating and waterproofing in one operation. The Multi board is lightweight and very easy to cut with a saw or knife. Multi board has been tested to hold a tile weight of 100kg/m2, double that of plasterboard and stronger than other tile backer boards.

Multi board is made of extruded polystyrene and is fully waterproof and vapour proof, not allowing any water or steam to pass through it in the way expanded polystyrene boards do. Each face of the Multi board is covered with a close woven fibreglass mesh embedded in a cement polymer mortar.

We can offer the full range of multi boards, flexible multi board and all accessories required to install the multi board in your project. Please contact us for more information and a quote.